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    IE 8 Resize


      I have a swf file that plays fine in every browser including earlier versions of IE, BUT in IE 8 it resizes to about 25% larger then it should be.


      Any ideas?


      I call out my size 717x650 in my html, I have it in a div tag that is 717x650, and my original swf file is 717x650. So I really don't know why IE 8 would feel the need to make it larger.

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          AdeptDigital Level 2

          IE is the bain and pain of website design.  Do you have the width or height of any tag set to a percentage?  In your main body tag do you have the margins and padding set to 0?  I am assuming you are using a CSS to style your content, either seperate or nested in the XHTML of your page?  I am currently working on a display issue in IE with a swf file in my website.  If none of the before mentioned questions help you may have a problem with the AC_RunActive javascript and it's compatability with IE.  I would also check this out in Opera and Netscape and see what it's doing there.


          Hope this helps,