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    Embedding SWF symbol with embedded video

      AFAIK from Google search result, there is no official support on embedding flv/mov into flex yet, so I take an alternative route, which is not success yet.

      I have built a swf with Flash 8 as the library of assets. Inside the library, there are 12 videos set to be controlled by the timeline, each is placed into a MovieClip with identifier set as "videoSymbol1"..."videoSymbol12" respectively.
      Then I use a class to collect all these embedded MovieClips.

      However, if I try to create a few objects of different classes within the same screen update interval, mostly all the objects becomes the last called class on display, or the Video inside the movie become damanged. However, if the object belongs to the class "symbolCls_1", it will just be fine.

      By running code in the Action Code section inside the code attached, only c1 displays the correct video, while all c2 to c12 display either messed-up video or the video of symbolCls_12.

      However, if I create objects of one same classes, it is just fine.

      Other than loading external flv, see if there is any other solutions on this. Thanks in advance.