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    Fireworks basics - Photoshop equivalents?

    johngordon12 Level 1

      This is one for anyone who uses FW and PS. I'm pretty familiar with FW, but am just having to use a trial of PS to make use of a PS template to do a quick design project. (And hopefully learn a bit of PS along the way).


      In FW its easy to copy a shape, and paste it. But I can't seem to see how to do that in PS? I tried selecting a layer, cut and paste but it deleted the entire file.


      I've figured out the 'Show Transform Controls' button, but is there a way to enter values for a change in size like there is in FW? eg to reduce the size by 50%?


      And lastly, I'm not too sure about selecting the colour for a new shape - I had thought it was done by selecting the two overlapping squares at the bottom of the toolbar, and selecting a colour there, but doesn't seem to be working as I'd thought.


      Anyway - off to find some online help as well.