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    Strange VideoDisplay component issue


      Hi there,


      I have an interesting issue with the VideoDisplay component. I have a list of .flv files which appear in a List component. When the user clicks on one of the file names, the click picks up the path to the file and puts it into a bindable variable called "contentFile".


      I then use the source property of the VideoDisplay to define which video to start playing.

      My code is simple and it works. Here it is:


      <mx:VideoDisplay x="0" y="239" width="320" height="240"




      Here is the weird thing. When I use the following code:




      my video takes many many seconds to buffer in advance before it starts playing (depending on the size of the source .flv file). Then when it does start to play, half the time the video is very jerky, half the time it plays OK.


      However, when I define the source using an exact path to a video such as:




      the video immediately loads nearly instantly and always plays super smooth. I have tested this out on MacOSX, FireFox, Safari and WinXP in FireFox & IE. The same response is repeatable. The exact same video chosen via the bindable variable method takes a while to load and playback can be sketchy.


      What can possibly be the difference between these two methods?


      Let me know if you need more information.