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    PE7 and "Device offline" (USB 2 connection)


      Hi all,


      Ive got problems capturing from my DV/HD Cam. PE7 shows a "Device offline" message in the Media window

      when trying to connect to my cam. However, the cam shows up OK in the explorer window.

      I´m using USB 2.0.


      VideoCam: Canon HF 11

      Win XP, SP2

      Dell Latitude D620 laptop


      According to PE7 specs USB 2.0 Video Class 1 is needed to be able to capture from a video cam.

      (or better yet, to use Firewire or HDMI, but this laptop lacks firewire..and HDMI)

      I havent a clue if my laptop usb-ports are on the Video Class 1 level. How can I find this out??

      Is it possible to upgrade to this Video Class 1???


      Any other advice on to solve this problem?


      Thanks in advance...    /Thomas

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Video Class 1 is refering to the USB connection on the camcorder not the laptop. However this is irelevant anyway as this is when you are capturing DV-AVI format. However you want to import the AVCHD from your HF11. In this case you go to "Get Media" and select the "AVCHD or other hard disk/memory camcorder" and import here. However, many folks have not had much luck importing from the HF10/100/11 range of Canon camcorder into PE7. If you have problems use the software that came with your camcorder to get the files off you camcorder and then use the "Get Media" from "OC Files and Folders" to import them.