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    After Effects Payscale


      Hey everybody.  Although this is not a technical question.  I'd like to get an idea from some of the folks working with After Effects.  I ahve been working with the program for only 2 and a half years but am profiecent in the program and have several projects that went to TV and were distributed.  I recently got in touch with a company that is intersted in bringing me in for some freelance work.  What are some of your hourly rates so I can get an idea since I have only worked independently.  Like what is typical/average ?

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          The guys at mograph.net have a forum called "The Lounge", where experienced and not-so-experieced, professional motion graphics designers discuss things like this. I even think there's an active thread about this very subject. You may want to start there and see if your question is covered.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            *yippee* login works again - wanted to answer this morning, but couldn't get in. anyway, I second the previous recommendation. There is a large variability in rates and salaries depending on the region where you live, so it's hard to give specific. Generally though, a little common sense will get you there, which includes having a look at more "mundane" professions. E.g. think about what carpenters, plumbers, bank clerks, sales personnel earn in your area, then add some revenue for you on top of it to pay your rent, taxes, electricity and last not least any software and hardware investments. That should give you a reasonable basic frame of reference and then it's up to you if you're happy with what you earn or if you become a greedy, overpaid "designer"... *giggle*