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    how do you make one timeline stop?

    Jason Syetta

      i currently have my animation looping but i want to set it up so that one of the layers/animations on my timeline do NOT loop (just fly in once)... i tried adding a stop(); but it seems to stop everything that is moving instead of just the target timeline.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A stop() is a timeline level command, and a timeline can include several layers, meaning every layer on a timeline can be impacted by a stop() on one layer.  I can't tell how you've designed your animation, so you'll need to explain that if my guess at a solution that follows isn't on target.


          Create the one animation that you want to have stop as a movieclip unto itself.  You can do this by copying the frames and pasting them into an empty movieclip symbol.  Place a stop() at the end of the timeline inside that movieclip.  Place that movieclip in the timeline where you copied the frames, in place of those frames.