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    Remote procedural call is not working..




      I am getting a strange error. I am using Flex SDK 3.2 and BlazeDS3 with Tomcat server 5.5.

      When the application runs, for a particular remote service, it throws an error - "Cannot invoke method 'searchData'." Sometimes, application runs this service but very rarely. Application is throwing the error for this service only and rest of the services are working fine. But when I compile the application using SDK 3.0, the same service is working perfectly.

      I am wondering that is it related to the Flex SDK or what? I debugged the application and found following fault expression:



      faultCode = "Server.ResourceUnavailable"
      faultDetail = "The expected argument types are (com.Model.DTO.SearchDataTO) but the supplied types were (flex.messaging.io.amf.ASObject) and converted to (null)."
      faultString = "Cannot invoke method 'searchData'."