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    Technical Comm. Suite 1.3 - Download Saga (ongoing)

      Has anyone here experienced what I describe below and, if so, have you been able to achieve any resolution.

      On Monday, Sept. 8, I purchased the download version of the 1.3 upgrade to the Technical Communication Suite. On the download software page there are three items listed: installation instructions, Adobe 9, and a Unix Capture Utility -- however, the Technical Communication Suite software package (Framemaker, RoboHelp, Captivate) is nowhere to be found. (The installation instructions asks the user to uninstall the software, click on a 'download' link and reinstall the Technical Communications Suite, so it appears that Tech Comm Suite software is required - additionally, the suite's Web page describes enhancements to both Framemaker and RoboHelp).No person, in either Asia or the US, seems capable of helping me. I spent approx. 1 hour on the phone Monday, at least two hours yesterday, and I am now well into my second hour today -- the 5 or 6 tech has just put me on hold. Does anyone know what is going on with the 1.3 upgrade