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    Import Webhelp output from XML source into RHelp 8


      Good morning,


      We are moving away from RoboHelp and to XML (xMetal) and single sourcing (documentum) as the means for generating our Webhelp output.The workflow for this new help authoring/delery paradigm is being finished in stages. The localization workflow portion of this process (delivering source content from CMS to localization office) may not be complete and tested in time for us to use it for out next release, so we are tyring to devlop a Plan B that will be an acceptabel substitute.


      In our present localization worklflow (Rhelp X5), we deliver the English Rhelp source project to the localization group and they return localized source and Webhelp output to us. We then package the localized version of the help with the appropriate UI and create an install package for each language. In our new workflow, we would export, from Documentum, the new or changed content; localized content would be checkd into Documetum and we would  a generated Webhelp output for each language.



      Our Plan B proposal

      I've read the threads on importing Webhelp output into Rhelp, but I believe the assumption for this process is that the output comes from Rhelp. Our Webhelp output will not be Rhelp generated. We thought that we would follow the same process of importing the topics from the webhelp output into a new Rhelp project the assumption being that this would be easier than importing the XML topics directly from Documentum.


      Does this make sense? Are there other options I'm missing? PS. I really don't want to get inot importing Dita maps since this will be a temporary solution only.


      Thanks alot, Pat