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    Retrieve the path that premiere expects to find a file at?




      I moved an entire folder a while ago where i kept a premiere project. (Seems to have been a stupid idea) When im opening the project now it starts to asks me about locations of files. This is impossible to do manually since my raw data is very many clips consisting of numbered stills with the same name for every clip (i.e. i dont know which "sequence000001.jpeg" the linker is looking for.


      Is there some way to find the path where premiere expects these files to be located? There have to be lika a main search path somewhere?


      Thanks in advance!


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You can Open the .PRPROJ in WordPad, and do a Search. You will need to tell WordPad to show "All Files," or just drag, .PRPROJ to it.


          As you have found, moving a folder of Assets (or changing drive letters, etc.) can cause a ton of exta work.


          You also might consider pre-pending a descriptor to each file name, say "Daybreak01_sequence000001.jpeg."


          Inherited a Project, similar to what you described and it took two days to get all of the Links back. As there were over 2000 with mostly the same names, but different folders, I had to watch "approval DVD's" on one machine, while I searched on another. Lot of work!


          Good luck,