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    hd project - sequence issues - emergency!


      I realize now the hardship I've given my computer in creating this project with Premiere. If someone could help me, that would be great because I need to finish this within the next few days!


      The total file size of my project is 138 GB and I'm working on a MacBook Pro with 4GB RAM. It had been working fine, but lately Premiere hasn't been able to read my 'rough cut' sequence at all. It freezes up and I end up force quitting. It plays through all my other sequences, and I am able to edit them as well, but naturally, these are not big compared to the rough cut, which is why I'm thinking it's just too much for my OS to handle and process.


      Does this make any sense? As far as I can see, what I need to do is break the project down into mulitple ones. How would you suggest doing this? Can I save sequences out individually? And then is there an easy way to import footage files into a separate project ? Also, can you work with multiple projects at once?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          For breaking down your Sequence, probably the best would be to Export (since you are on a Mac, I would assume .MOV) with the WAB (Work Area Bar), portions of it. The total number will be up to you, but I would look at 2-3. Create a New Project and Import these into it. The one limitation with this is that your Clips will now be together in one (or more) files, which are now just big Clips. It's easy to "tighten" things up with the Razor, but you will have lost the direct ability to "lengthen" anything, other than Razor, Razor Delete and then Import that original Clip, Set new In & Out Points and Insert. Doable, but some extra work. I'd also suggest doing this Export with no Transitions, as you will run afoul of these, should you do much editing to your "rough cut."


          Unfortunately, one cannot have multiple Projects Open at the same time.


          Good luck, and hope that you can get it handled in time.



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            kmkarls Level 1

            thanks so much.


            is "create new trimmed project" also perhaps a good idea? i'm in the process of doing this right now, i imagine it will take a couple of hours...

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              kmkarls Level 1

              I did the trim, and have been able to at least access the sequence I referenced before. (It went down from ~ 140 to 100 GB). Back to editing... praise God!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                You beat me to the punch, and found out that that method worked for you.


                Good luck with the Project,