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    Translation List  Premiere 7 Elements Effectnames



      I'm working with a german version of Premiere 7 Elements. and have some english books which use the english effectnames for samples. It is very hard to find the crrect german equivalent for the effectnames. Is there a translation list for these names ?. Or is it possible to switch easy from a german version to an english version of Premiere 7 Elements.

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          What you are seeking would be great. I have not seen such a translation list. Also, because the "jargon" of video editing is unique, just simple translation tools, i.e. Web-based tools, like Babblefish, are likely to never have many of these terms to begin with.


          As far as I know, there are only two places in Adobe programs, where languages can be set - the first is in the installation routine, and applies just to the installation. The other is further along, and sets the language for the program being installed. I do not believe that this can be changed afterward. There were several Adobe Knowledgebase articles that specifically stated this, but that was several generations ago, and maybe something has changed.


          A translation list would not be that difficult for Adobe to construct - they have teams that know the words in all languages that they have programs in. This list could be a downloadable PDF, or a series of PDF's for each language. Nero does similar for its Help files.


          I'd also like to see a glossary of most common terms in the Help files and the manual, as video editing and Adobe's programs, use certain "conventions." Unless this has been added to later versions, it was not ever published. Now, some aftermarket books do a fair job with this, but I'd think that Adobe would have both the knowledge and resources for it.


          Good request, but I do not have any links or suggestions for you - sorry,