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    Getting support for dummies


      I produce a weekly 60 minute high school sports show we have cut successfully the past seven years using Premier Pro 2.0. We have not upgraded because we couldn't figure out how to output via firewire to a canopus box which then hooked up to our beta SP deck to deliver the show on tape. It works great in 2.0 but not CS3. We could never get support to help us with this.


      Now we are looking to produce the show in HD for one of our stations and SD for the other which cannot air it in HD. My fear is this will be so complicated we'll end up not being able to do this and getting help is very tough with Adobe support.


      Is there a place I will be able to go, or someone I can contact and pay to help us get up and running with what will be lots of questions as we go along that need to be anwered quickly? Maybe even some on site support. We are in San Jose and I had an Adobe guy laugh at me for this suggestion last time. Imagine a real person coming to our office to help, what a concept!

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Welcome to the forums.


          Imagine a real person coming to our office to help, what a concept!


          The unfortunate thing is that that will be very expensive and I'm guessing you have a pretty tight budget.

          It is unlikely you will find someone local here, you should try some local listings.

          The regulars here try to help out with what they can and between all of them there is quite a wide spread of experience.

          Questions are usually responded to within an hour, so turn around is fairly quick.


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            mtthwmrrsn Level 1

            Well I personally think you need to put together a list of your hardware and software then post for help from someone that can come out to your site. I would try in here and on any forums related to your hardware, then try any forums relating to DV or HDV production (via google).


            I'd offer to come out and take a look, but I'm on the east coast...

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              someone I can contact and pay to help us


              Adobe does offer paid technical support.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                My guess is that calhi is more interested in delivery support than the program support that Adobe offers.


                But calhi, why make it more difficult than it need to be? Just make sure you have two formats for delivery, one SD and one HD and copy your current workflow for the other destination, using the other format you created. This may sound dumb to you, but I do not know of another way to explain it:


                You have been delivering apples to grocer A. You want to add oranges to your product line and need to deliver them to grocer B.

                First make sure you have both apples and oranges available (SD and HD), then deliver them to A and B, using the same delivery truck. You may need to use a different route to get to B, but in essence that is all that is different.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  Actually Harm, it's more like grocer A wants apples (HD) and grocer B wants applesauce (SD).  Both want them at the same time and live across town, so two separate delivery trucks will be needed (HDCAM abd Betacam).


                  The problem is, Premiere has historically not been very good at turning apples into applesauce.  This is why Dan created his freeware method.

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                    calhi Level 1

                    Guys, it will need to be sent as a file to one station to put on their server and dubbed out to beta SP tape for the other station. Is this possible?

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                      Mortimer IOU Level 2

                      If one of your questions is can Pr CS3 output  over firewire to analog via a Canopus box, the answer is yes. I have done just that -- not to a beta deck but to an external TV or vcr, using a Canopus ADVC100.