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    Problem with TabNavigator: one tab's content is "ghosted" over another tab


      I've created a tabNavigator... four tabs... the first three has similar headers, the fourth has a different header; each header has filtering options... all have a datagrid... the first tab is the default tab on application load. But here's the problem:


      when the app is closed on the fourth tab, and the app is reloaded, the fourth tab appears as the default tab on the reload, with the first tab's header appearing like a ghost (but enabled but not effective on the datagrid, which is filled with the fourth tab's content)...

      how can I get it to load the true default tab (number one)?


      This is not an issue if tabs two or three are active when the app is closed/reloaded...


      I've tried using [id of tabnavigator].selectedIndex = 0; but that hasn't worked