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    AMC export avi with no compression takes AGES!  across network


      Heres one for the pro's


           Im having some really anoying slow behavior with premiere and media encoder.


           OS=windwos vista business x64

           RAM = 12gigs

           CPU= 2 X quads

           Video card = bad *** nvidia card


      SAN = Isilon cluster 3 X nodes, gigabit dual teamed NIC connection


      bla bla bla


                Ok. So i have about an 8 minute project, nothing too fancy, trying to export an uncompressed avi to the network at 720p resolution to the cluster storage array,  and adobe media encoder gets pretty slow near the end of the export, and is generally just a slow hog. Its not using but 10% of my CPU power, and its also not using any where close to my max NIC card throughput.


           Anyone out there really good at FINE Tuning CS4 to the max??


      Please dont respond with


           Check driver updates, adobe updater, bla bla bla,,,,   im not a moron.


      thanks guys!!!!