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    That continuing problem - TAB order!

    ozworldz Level 1

      There have been a few discussions on TAB order but I still do not have a solution. I read a post about renaming field names, to avoid same names. I have been laboriously renaming fields in my documents but I have a few files that persist in NOT being right. Tabbing will NOT correct itself no matter what I do.

      What gives? Is this a known issue that Adobe ignores? Why not a patch to fix this?

      I'm using version 8 and I cannot upgrade. It is so frustrating.

      Not to mention having to go through the whole clicking process again everytime you want to make a change. It's pathetic. I know V9 has drag reordering but is it always correct?..and besides I don't have version 9. This should be correct in version 8!!!

      Any NEW solutions to this problem?