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    ExternalInterface Security Issue (Object doesn't support this property ...)


      I've developed a Mini Video App in FLEX (mx:application so designed for a browser not a desktop air app).


      The app uses ExternalInterface to allow communication between JS and AS, as well as AS and JS.


      I build the application in Flex Version 3.


      If I run and launch the application from Flex (it uses IE 7. the Flash App works fine).


      If I launch the "html" page directly from the "bin-debug" folder via Windows Explorer, the Flash App works fine.


      I then copied the entire contents of bin-debug to another directory. The HTML Page and Flash App load fine. As soon as any calls are made to "ExternalInterface" - I get the error "Object doesn't support this property or method".


      I have spent the best part of 3 days trying to find a solution to this with no luck. The facts are:


      1 - There is no problem with code

      2 - There are no browser compatibility issues


      Therefore this must be a security issue. The Flash Browser must know it is ok for the .swf app to use "ExternalInterface" calls when the .swf and .html file are launched from the "bin-debug" directory, however if they are lauched elsewhere, security checks fail.


      I have three questions as a result:


      1 - Where are the Flash Player Settings that control the Security Rules. I have seen various links and screen shots and mentions of mms.cfg files, but none of these led to the right solution. Please do not post a link to another page, as trust me I have probably read it. If you know where and how to access these Security Settings on either Windows XP or Vista, please list the instructions here. Thanks.


      2 - Is there a way to "sign" a .swf in FLEX so it will allow ExternalInterface calls when launched locally (without a webserver), or is it the case that if I want my users to run this application from their local drives they must update their player security settings (as mentioned in step 1).


      3 - Any tips and hints would help, but I do kindly request unless you have a link that clearly spells out how to resolve the problem, please reserve from posting the link. Quite a number of people have had this issue and the links I've seen end up taking you in circles, no one has specifically described how to resolve this problem I hope this is where this issue is finally resolved.


      Thanks in advance for your contribution :-)