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    Emulation, Progressive Download, FL 3.1

    breez11 Community Member

      I am trying to wrap my head around how any device profile for Flash Lite 3.1 emulated in Device Central can play progressively downloaded video content which files size is greater then the combined dynamic and static heap values. For example I have 6MB's Static Heap, 16 MB's Dynamic Heap and I can successfully watch a 400 MB encode and still seek to the beginning and end of whats been downloaded.


      I have not found anywhere in Device Central which allows you to disable your local disk which is important since most devices do not have one. If this is a feature would someone please point this out?


      I have wiresharked the http requests and do not see any range-requests or byte-range returned so either Device Central emulation is not accurate or Adobe has figured out some other method for sending viewable partial data. I really want to know if I can expect the same behavior on a device or if this is an issue with emulation?