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      I just upgraded to Photoshop Elements 7 with Photoshop Elements Premiere 7 off of the Adobe website.  The download came with three seperate files to download however, it didn't come with any instructions on how to install.  Does anyone have any instructs to tell me what folder location to download each file into etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.    Thanks, Rebecca

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          I have never installed a downloaded Adobe program, so I am going from memory and reading. You may have to read between the lines, or fill in some blanks.


          The three files should be the installation files for each, PE and PSE. The third file should be the "Functional Content," which is material like Menus, Themes, Titles, etc., for PE. There *may* be some Functional Content for PSE, as well.


          I believe that the Functional Content file has a 7zp, or 7zip extension and is an archived file, using the 7Zip scheme. Windows Explorer now handles these natively, as of XP SP-2, so you should not have to download an extractor. The other two files are probably archived, as well. All archived files will need to be Extracted, before you can work with their contents.


          I would Exit from all anti-virus, spyware and pop-up blocking software first. Then, in Windows Explorer, or My Computer, navigate to where you Saved these three files. Dbl-click on them, on at a time. In the File drop-down, you want Extract and will choose both All and Folder Structure (checkbox). You can locate these Extracted files where ever, but I'd keep the default. Once Extracted (and not before), you will find either an .EXE, .COM or .MSI file, with a name like "Setup," or "Install." These are the excecutables. I'd make sure to install PE and PSE, before you do any installation of the Functional Content. I'd even test PE and PSE to make sure they are working, before I did that last installation. Have your unlock Key and S/N handy, as they may be required for installation. However, they may only be required to launch.


          Good luck, and report any problems that you encounter,