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    Downloading a remote SWF to local, then loading it

    tedalde2 Level 2

      I am dowloading a remote SWF to local storage (File.applicationStorageDirectory). I am then loading that local file into the AIR application. Two questions:


      1) When downloading the SWF from the remote site, is there a way to make the SWF not execute its code? All I care about is downloading the file to local storage. I don't want it to execture at that point. I've tried Loader and URLLoader, and both execute the first frame code of the loaded SWF.


      2) When the SWF is loaded from local storage, its Security.sandboxType is always "localWithFile", even though I set the SWF's Local Playback Security to "Access Network Only" in its original FLA file. Is that by design for any untrusted local SWF opened in AIR, or is it a bug?