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    HD Codec to transcode P2/MXF footage to.


      I've run into an issue that our Matrox Axio HD system at work uses a Matrox HD Codec that I do not have on my laptop and home system. Often times I need to take some work home and work on it, but I'm unable to use any footage that has been transcoded with the Matrox codec. Working with the original MXF files isn't really an option because of the sheer number of files and the size it would take to transport these files each day. I'm looking for a non-proprietary codec to render the footage to, in order to work with it from any system anywhere (i.e. doesn't require an codec installed, OR I'm ok with installing a free codec).


      So, what my options were? Is there a Quicktime based settings that I could use and not lose quality of the video? Any other options?


      This also lends itself to my home setup and the HF-S100 that I have on the way. I'd also like to render out the AVCHD footage in order to work with something that is not so system killing


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!