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    PE7: Split screen/picture in picture jerkiness problem?


      I'm using Premiere Elements 7, creating a video that displays multiple videos at once. I tried:

      • Splitting the screen into four boxes of same size (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right), each filled with its own video
      • Having one main video with 3 picture-in-picture windows overlaid on top of the main


      I followed this instruction: http://www.heron-productions.com/4-splitscreen.html


      In both cases, after I rendered work area, I see the video on Track 1 and sometimes Track 2 become very jerky, like skipping backwards and forwards by themselves. Exactly the same issue also when I export into final video. The only way I could solve this issue reliably is by decreasing the number of simultaneous videos/windows to two.


      I have also tried this on another machine that has Premiere Pro CS4, resulting exactly the same issue. Very confusing since at least Premiere Pro should be able to do this just fine.


      Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? FWIW, all my sources are AVCHD files from a Canon HF100, and the project is a 1080 30i.