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    5.1 Digital Surround Sound Output

    Ian Samson Level 1

      So what I need is to learn if AA3 has the ability for me to play only those First Violins (Rear Left), Second Violins, Piccolo, Oboe, Clarinet (Front Left), Brass Section & Cymbals (Front Right), Woodwind section (Center), Pipe Organ 16' bass, Timpani & Percussion etc (Sub-woofer), Double Bass (right rear), Violas, Keyboards, Organs, etc (Front Right).


      Does anyone know how I can do this?


      I need to experience what an Orchestra Conductor hears by digitizing through Multi-Track the ability to hear what he hears, but extended almost 360 degrees. My source material is mono-aural John Phillip Souza's marches recorded in the 1960s through Reader's Digest, who have given their permission for this type of work to be done.


      I want to have the resulting tracks using MixDown back to 2 channel stereo in .WAV format but in 5.1 digital output in MP3 or MP4 format for all our cellphones that have MP3 players. If I can come up with my own arrangements of my own compositions, or my own arrangements of others' compositions that I have helped to "orchestrate", then this is the sound I need. Anyone with a digital home theatre system will appreciate the forethought gone into creating something of this magnitude.



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