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    Customizing a Flash XML Template: Embeding Video


      Hello all: 


      I've purchased a flash template with an xml file that gives the path to the content to the .swf.  This much i know!  Also, I have all the source files!  My issue is i would like to replace some of the images with video clips.


      Here is the flash site (demo stock version) : http://oliviersaut.com/site_flash/
      Here is the original version of the xml file: http://oliviersaut.com/site_flash/tfile_main.xml


      As you can see with the flash site there are 4 sides, i would like to add videos thumbs (these i can make screen shots) on the left hand side that says "BEDROOM". Then once you've clicked the video thumb the video is displayed in the middle like the photos.  Do i have to alter the original .FLA file to add .mov or other video formats into the center area that displays the full image of the small thumbs?  the size is 788px  by  524px.


      Furthermore, Scrolling half way down the xml page you will find [I]<page name="GALLERY">[/I] and then <image imageUrl="_pic3.jpg" link="http://www.yourcompany.com"/> is there xml code that i can add to put in the video?


      Also, here i can change the photos but it seems only in this exact order.  If i remove a line or add more photos to the sequence the order does not correspond when i refresh the .swf file. 


      I've been getting a little frustrated with this, any help is appreciated.






      PS.  I've also attached the xml file to this post.