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    How much work is it to create a custom flash player with chapter navigation

    DVDmike Level 1

      I am bidding on a job to do a simple instructional video that will be about 2 minutes in length.  The client wants me to put the video in a flash player that has some buttons on it that a user can click on to go to a specific step.  The instructions will have, for example, 10 steps, so they want to be enable the view to click on any one of the step numbers to jump to that point in the video.


      I did a google search for flash programmers who would quote me on how much they would charge me to create the flash player after I sent them an encoded video.  The only company that bothered to give me a quote said that it would be 5 to 7 thousand dollars for them to create a flash player with navigation for me.  I was thinking that this would be like a 2 or 3 hour job for someone who knows flash.  Is it really that time-consuming to create a flash player with chapter navigation?


      Am I starting to think that I am in the wrong business if you guys are getting $5k to $7k to set up a relatively simple player to put on a web page.


      I've got the Master collection but have never wanted to take the time to learn flash.  But if I could charge that much for jobs, maybe I better learn!