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    Sony HDR-SR11 to Premiere...

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      I am attempting to take video footage from a Sony HDR-SR11 video camera to Premiere for editing....


      I'm reading through the owners maual but it doesn't really tell me anything about how to get the video over.

      I read online that if you want to transfer through USB you should copy the AVCHD folder to your computer,

      which i'm in the process of doing now.


      The AVCHD folder has a Clipinf, Playlist, and Stream folders with .CPI and .MTS files.

      What do I do with them so I can start working with the video?


      I saw the video compression specs are AVCHD (HD).


      What I need to do is get the video into Premiere for editing and it needs to be SD, not HD.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Use the Sony software to transfer to the PC and then import into PR. How hard is it if you RTFM?

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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            I'm reading through the owners maual but it doesn't really tell me anything about how to get the video over.


            You will also find links to many free tutorials in the PremiereProPedia that will quickly show you how things are done in Premiere Pro.


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              mickkeay Level 1

              Open PMB (Picture Motion Browser - Sony) and connect camera via  USB - and switch on camera. On my SR8 you then have to press "computer" on the touch screen. It will then import any new clips and (sadly) ponce around detecting faces and the like. You will end up with a thumbnail preview for each vieo clip (and still). You can then open premiere, start a new project and drag the clips you want directly from the PMB viewer to the PP CS4 project window.


              That is the best way to do it. The altenative is to view the sony as a mass volume (drive) and drag over the m2ts files - but you will need t know what they are because CS4 cannot preview the m2ts as thumbnails

              Hope that helps

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                napynap Level 1

                btw, I hope you already have the Sony Picture Motion Browser software CD for the camera, otherwise Sony will make you buy it from them (and I thought my heartfelt email to their support team requesting the disc as a new AVCHD recruit would be enough). That's what I get for buying inclomplete gear..

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                  mickkeay Level 1

                  Now there lies a story....  (you can usually pick up copy of PMB from torrents) but then you used to have to download all the patches and update them in strict order (and they had real unfriendly names)  However I think Sony have realised the PMB is of absolutely Zero interest to anyone who doesnt have one of their camcorders and have now made it easier. - The latest update will run as long as you have ANY version of PMB on your PC. PMB is pretty good - it is a bit like bridge for AVCHD clips


                  (But I still hate SONY (although I have bought 6 of their cameras over the years - so I doubt if they care)


                  Sucker Mike