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    Adobe httpservice question



            I have couple of questions on httpservice and combobox.


      1. I have a array collection of value objects, I want to send the data in these value objects over httpservices. My code for httpservice is:

















      id="createAccount" url="http://localhost/createAccount.php" method="POST" result="accountResult(event)">



      <mx:request xmlns="">




















      If the data is directly from controls its not a problem but if its from a value object how do i send the data in actionscripts??.



      2. I want to know how to populate the combobox dynamically.. for example, when I press a button, i want to populate the combobox with a text retrieved from an edit box and i want to select that item. I checked combobox class, it doesnt have additem funcion in it..


      Any help would be appreciated.