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    Mouse Wheel Zoom Snap to 100%

    sfjedi Level 1

      As it works currently, zooming with the mouse wheel will never land on 100% zoom unless you're really lucky; however, if you use the actual zoom tool and click to zoom it will always land on 100%.


      If some of the people out there don't like this request, by all means make it a checkbox or something that's off by default.

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          Mobius Strip Level 2

          Heh, I didn't even notice this post.


          This is another good request that has been made repeatedly.  Mouse-wheel zoom should always include (but not be limited to) all of the increments that you get by clicking with the magnifying-glass tool.


          Currently, you can't even get to those increments after a couple rolls of the wheel, resulting in scaling artifacts that render the mousewheel zoom nearly useless.

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            This is probably too old to answer. But I didn't find the info with a quick google so I suppose it could be useful to someone else.



            You can zoom snap to 100% and all the other increments with Shift+Alt+Mouse Whl.


            Not sure with which version it starts, but I have CS4 and it works.

            (Some more searching pin-pointed the feature to CS2)

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              Mobius Strip Level 2

              "You can zoom snap to 100% and all the other increments with Shift+Alt+Mouse Whl."


              Thanks for the info.


              Of course, the problems here are obvious:


              1. There's no way for the user to know this.

              2. It involves not one but TWO modifier keys and of course requires two hands.

              3. There's absolutely no reason this shouldn't be the default behavior.  Why do we want to stop at 100.3%?

              4. It's goddamned stupid.  If anything, the modifier keys should invoke the CURRENT, moronic behavior, not the common-sense behavior that the vast majority of users would expect and that doesn't create funky scaling artifacts.

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                Ferret.Freak.Ultd Level 1

                If you change the default behavior of the scroll wheel to zoom in Preferences -> General, it only requires Shift + Scroll whl. Then you can map shift to a secondary button on your mouse, and use it with one hand.


                I'd also say that the behavior of the Shift key in this situation is quite in line with its behavior in most other circumstances. When you drag, paint, move, etc. So I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's obvious behavior or an intuitive interface element. But when I used it for the first time, it made sense..


                However, I do agree that getting 100.3% zoom is quite useless and annoying. I most likely don't use PS enough to find any counter argument about a situation where it has any use or to be very annoyed about it, but I remember it ticking me off. Though, back then I didn't know I could snap zoom with shift.


                Though it is surprising (unless it's new in CS5) that they didn't put an option for a smarter zoom... It really doesn't seem like a complicated option to implement.

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                  sfjedi Level 1

                  I couldn't have said it better myself, Mobius. Well said... well said...