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    Photo Montage - Importing Vertical Pictures

    Sealfase Level 1

      Currentyl using CS3. New to this forum. Have been using APP for 9 years but strictly with video. Originally with two Pinnacle DC2000 capture cards and now using Matrox RT.X.  Use Photo Shop daily.  I'm scanning pictures for daughters wedding photo montage and can't find the answer to this one issue I have.  I would like to scan all of my pictures individually (horizontals & verticals), import them individually into APP then be able to take two vertical pictures and have them appear side by side in the same frame.  The few local people I've asked have told me to scan the two pictures together and then import it as a single picture.  Obviously that will work but gives me no flexibility to mix and match verticals after the resource has been imported into APP.  I want to bring two separate vertical stills in APP and then pull them together there.  I believe most that I have asked are using pretty simple programs.  Thanks in advance for the help.


      - Bob -