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    Getting started with flex and Eclipse 3.1?


      Hi all,


      Im a java Eclipse RCP developer and I wanted to work on some small apps using flex.


      I have been searching around on the web for instructions on how to get everything set up, but most of them seem to skip a  few steps.


      I am using Eclipse ganymede (3.1), and have downloaded the flex sdk.  Is there a plugin or something for flex that creates the proper perspectives in eclipse?  Or what exactly do I need to do?


      Also, I see that flex uses mxml, if I want to use flex and java as opposed to flex and php or coldfusion (the only examples I saw) is that possible?  I guess Im slightly confused as to what exactly I am writing this app in... java?  Actionscript?  Php? ??


      Basically my goal is this:

      Use eclipse 3.1 (not flex builder)

      Write an RIA that can also use AIR

      Connect to a MySQL database on the backend


      I have very little experience (or need) for J2EE, but maybe I should use it?


      Can anyone point me to a good tutorial that will get me going to achieve my goal?  Or tell me what exactly I need to install, and how to put it together?


      Thank you!