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    Please set me in the right direction. PLEASE!


      I'm about to undertake a big task. I'll try and keep the overview short, and i'd just like anything, from someone saying that its impossible, to a link to a tutorial if there is one.


      My project:

      ---> An awards banquet slideshow for sports, where each team has an MVP


      So what my vision is, is to have this flash .exe i create to be used for subsequent banquet by people with no flash knowledge. They would just open up the file, click a button 'Add page' and it would bring them to a form that has 'Team name, award name, and award winner'. Then click 'add' or something, and it brings you back to the beginning page, but now there is a list started, so i can edit the slide i just created, or add another one.


      Once the 20 or so teams are added, i click 'Create show' and it creates a new .exe that will allow me to open up the file the night of the awards, and have a consistent layout for each slide, clicking an envelope or something to expose the winner on demand.


      Also, it would be important to have a photo for each award winner, so i would need a 'browse for picture' button or something.


      Is this remotely possible?? I would really appreciate help, even if you just help me along step by step.