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    Jerky Video and Display Driver Error


      We use CS3 at our production house.  My editor has told me he is now getting jerky videos and the following error.  This pops up in a yellow triangle at the bottom of the screen which when I click on it, an Events Window is opened.

      Error: "Desktop Display Mode has been reset because the video card returned an error. Please reset the Desktop Display Mode in the Playback Settings dialog as this may impact your playback performance."


      The computer is a Sony Vaio with 1GB RAM, P4 w/HT, RAID5 of SCSI drives, and ATI Radeon 1600 Pro.  We are running Windows XP Pro and Premiere Pro CS3.  Supposedly the video just started being jerky the last month or two.  Windows update issue?  I have tried updating the video card drivers (released March 2009) and also changed the Desktop Display to all three options ... Comptable, Standard and GPU.  The video still plays back and exports to tape jerky.  However, if we export to an AVI on the local disk, then pull that video back into an older version of Premiere Pro we can export to tape.


      Any thoughts!?!?!  I have found similar qusetions in other forums, but it seems like no one has an answer.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          It is very common for OS updates to render display drivers obsolete, and most people do not even know that these are installed. If you have tried the most recent driver (replaceing an older one), and not helped, it might be something else.


          The aspect of the video Exporting poorly, leads me to believe that your system might be underpowered, especially in the I/O sub-system. A slow, fragmented, or full HDD can do the same. That would NOT address the warning message, though. That almost has to be a vid-card, or driver issue.


          Also, if your Assets have to be decoded by PrPro, that will tax the system. If you Export as DV-AVI, then the CPU does not need to work overtime on the conversion.


          Please give a complete description of the Assest, especially their CODEC's. Please give a system breakdown, paying special attention to the I/O sub-system (HDD's specs. and all configuration details).


          Good luck,



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            tailwindALWAYS Level 1

            the_wine_snob, we actually tried installing the latest driver from ATI - which came out a few months ago - and we are still having the issues.  I'll double-check the disk space, but like you said why are we still getting errors?  The system is old, a P4 3GHz with 1GB RAM.  I can't convince them to spend the money on a new system.    i'm just not sure "what changed".  it was working fine, then it hasn't been working.  Do you suppose it could be one of the latest updates from Microsoft.  Didn't they have a patch that made XP more Win7 ready or something?    

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              My best guess here is a disk problem.  Use HD Tach to get a peek at your RAID's performance and report back.

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                tailwindALWAYS Level 1

                Jim, thanks.  I'll try to run HD Tach and see what the results.  That being said though, why would Adobe report an error on the video card?  Should I try a different video card or do you think it's software related for sure?


                When searching through the forums and Google it seems like this is a common issue, but no one really has or knows the fix for it.  One person even said after he uninstalled his wireless mouse driver it fixed the issue.  :-/

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                  tailwindALWAYS Level 1

                  Drive space available ...


                  C: (RAID) is 90% full
                  G: is only around 30%


                  We've tried export video to both drives and get the same results.  I will try a different video card, but any other ideas what it could be at all?

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    Drive space is only partially telling.  The data needed are the read transfer rates of the disk the media is on (not the disk it's going to).  Try HD Tach.  At the very least, this will allow the elimination of one possible source for your jerky video.