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    Adobe Error Message - Referenced Memory


      Hi.  I am using adobe premiere elements 2.0 as a nonlinear non-proprietary editing program.  I love the program and it has been great for the small editing projects I have to do.  However, I am receiving a new error message from the program when I close it now.


      The instruction at "0x00c03adf" referenced memory at "0x0499f564".  The memory could not be "read".  Click okay to terminate the prgram.


      If anyone in support could lend me some help as to what this means, I would appreciate it.  Thanks,


      Nathaniel Sefcik

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This error is often indicative of either RAM going bad, or the OS not handling RAM addresses properly. The latter could also be some other program/Process, that is using RAM and not reporting it correctly to the OS. It is usually not a problem with the program, though that could still be a possibility.


          I'd check your loaded, running Processes, to see what else is using RAM. As a test, I'd use a program, like EndItAll2 * to shut down all unnecessary programs and Processes, then run PE and see if all performs better, with no error messages.


          Good luck,




          * EndItAll2 used to be freeware, but now is shareware. There are other similar progams that are freeware.

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            Paul_LS Level 4

            Adobe's response to this error is that it is benign and should be ignored. It has been reported for all versions of Premiere Elements. There used to be a Knowledge Base article on it.