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    I updated, now it crashes


      It is now 5/9/09. I got CS4 a few months ago, and it's been working fine. On Thursday evening, 5/7/09, I gave in to an Adobe updater alert and finally managed to turn off a "photoshopserver.exe" thingy that was preventing some of the upgrades from going through. Since the total install was some 600 MB, I believe the upgrade was essentially the 4.0.1 update.


      On Friday afternoon, I fired up Premiere Pro to continue a project I'd been working on. The purple load screen did its thing, I selected the project I wanted, PrePro spooled up the media files, launched the interface, began generating a peak file for the first media item in line.... and crashed.


      (See the attached .jpeg for my view a few seconds before the perennial crash point).


      I haven't gotten past that point in the last 36 hours, despite checking numourous forums here and otherwise, several reboots, and scouring Google. All other programs in the suite work.


      I've read, in various places, that it's an instillation problem, it's a graphics card problem, it's a Quicktime problem, it's a mouse software problem, it's......


      I'd rather not uninstall the whole CS4 and revert to my 4.0.0 scheme and ignore all new updates. I don't think I've got an installation problem, since I get all the way to peak file/conforming. Help?