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    no pictures


      More of an examation rather than a question.

      Some of the e-books download without any graphics (pics---just blank space and a caption)

      Others come through OK......


      any ideas? (thats the question)



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          I am having the same problem.  File opens ok, but any pictures including show up as empty space.  Any ideas?

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            rennit Level 1

            apparently the problem is with ebooks, and not adobe. i contacted ebooks (took them a long time to respond though) and once they "investigated" my complaint told me they found a "problem" with the files, and to give them a couple of days to get it corrected.


            be as it may, makes me pause now when I consider any more purchases from them as much of what I buy is of a scientic nature having all kinds of

            of graphics, charts, pics and the like.


            hi paws