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    Green line in PE4 timeline...

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      Haven't been on this PE forum for quite awhile (login is now different) but I've been doing some video editing tonight in PE4.  It's very smooth except for a few things.


      Two questions: 


      1)  I've basically been adding my own text (as subtitles) to my video.    The text titles go on their own video track and I've noticed a "GREEN" line that appears along the timeline notches in some places.  Normally, when you extend text to display for more time, you see a red line.   However, after messing around and changing the display times of title clips... I see this green line in some places.  What does that mean?



      2)  Also, I'm a bit confused about shorting the length of TITLE clips in the timeline.   I lined up many in the second half of my video (as subtitles) and then I went to the start of the video to do more.  I thought I was shortening clips properly by clicking on the front end and dragging to the right.   Though, after an hour of work, I realized that all my CLIPS to the right had MOVED to the left.    So, I'm confused by this behaviour. 


      So, please correct me.   If I create a text title clip lasting 5 seconds and I want it to begin sooner on the timeline, I ONLY DRAG the ENTIRE CLIP left.   I don't try to EXTEND the clip by clicking and dragging on its left end.  I think that moves all subsequent clips to the right nearer.    I noticed if I shorten the clip by clicking on it right side and moving it left...  no other clips move. 


      Please clarify.





      PE4, Win XP

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          1.) when a Title is added to the Rendered Timeline, a red line should appear over that section, as now you have a combo (a superimposition, if you will), and this combined Clip will need to be Rendered again, for perfect playback. Note: one does not have to Render the Timeline, unless work is not displaying properly. I usually do Renders when I have created a lot of Keyframed Effects, and then will position the WAB (Work Area Bar) over just that section. I am not sure what the "gaps" in this area of the Timeline might be. If you have added the Title, the line should turn red. Can you post a screen-cap?


          2.) when you have the Titles on the same Video Track, and you click on the right hand side of Title A, you *should* get a big ] with an arrow. This will shorten (or lengthen) that Title and move the others along with it - a Ripple Edit, with the change "rippling" along. If you hold down Ctrl, then you get a smaller ], and these changes will ONLY influence the selected Title. Now, if the Title you are working on goes shorter than ~ 2 sec., then the change will only affect the selected Title, and the rest will not ripple, as before.


          If you find that you are constantly lengthening, or shortening your Titles, you might wish to go to Edit>Preferences and change the Duration for Stills.



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            Thanks a lot for the explanations!




            PS:  any tricks for not spilling glasses of red wine into the keyboard!  hehe

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              Hunt, when you render with Preferences/Scratch Discs set to "Same as Project", do these files sit in the same path.


              Or are they floating around somewhere on your Drive.


              At what point are they deleted by the app, upon closing, or is clean up manual ???


              I'm assuming once rendered, they'll stay with the Project till some action is taken (like Clearing the Timeline, or deleting from Media Bin).


              I'm suspecting these files can become quite large, depending on what's being rendered...

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                If you have set your Scratch Disks to "Same as Project," then the Media Cache files will be within that folder structure. You can Clear Media Cache (or similar syntax), or can delete the full Project folder structure, when done. This is one of the good reasons for keeping them together - all in one deletion. Some find enough of a performance enhancement in using separate physical HDD's for this, and then just use the same Project name (on different physical discs). This requires a touch more "housekeeping."


                The files ARE large ones. If one is not experiencing any playback problems, its a good reason to not Render, prior to Export/Burn.


                There IS a tiny database file, that gets placed on C:\, but these are very tiny, in comparison. I do not see these from PE, but they are in Documents & Settings for PrPro.


                There is also a set of files that get generated for all Themes in PE7, when only one Theme is used. Not sure what that is about, as I do not use Themes, and also do not have PE7. There has been discussion on this at Muvipix.



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                  PS:  any tricks for not spilling glasses of red wine into the keyboard!  hehe


                  So far, that has not been a problem, but I have now jinxed myself. I use the Riedel Vinum Bdx. glasses, and they have good balance - so far. My biggest problem is doing tastings and then trying to post to the Adobe fora. At least with the Chowhound forum, people give me a bit of a "break," as they are probably having a glass (or two) of wine also. [Grin]