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    Turn Photoshop into Corel PHOTO-PAINT

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      At the request of a couple of Photoshop enthusiasts in these forums, they thought I should post this feature request.

      In a previous discussion, harry teasley wrote:


      May I suggest a single suggestion, "Turn Photoshop into Corel Photo-Paint"?

      In a previous discussion, Reynolds (Mark) wrote:



      [I] agree with Harry's…


      May I suggest a single suggestion, "Turn Photoshop into Corel Photo-Paint"?


      In support of Harry Teasley and Mark Reynolds, I have created these lists of features included in both packages, that if not ignored might win over some Corel PHOTO-PAINT fans. Not that Adobe Photoshop is hurting for more customer base, but you get the idea. Oh! And none of these suggestions would remove any of Photoshop's existing functionality!


      Here's a list of features that Corel PHOTO-PAINT has that Adobe Photoshop does NOT (as far as I know):


      1. Mouse wheel zoom snaps to 100%.
      2. Zoom tool actually zooms to selection bounds, even if it's greater than the document's bounds.
      3. Cutting, copying, pasting and deleting selected layers.
      4. File >> New From Clipboard.
      5. Renaming menu bar commands and moving/copying them around at will.
      6. Mapping arrow keys to keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+up and CTRL+down are my favorite)
      7. Interactive Object Transparency Tool (wineglass tool).
      8. Swatches panel width @ 1 swatch wide.
      9. Ability to have larger swatches.
      10. Click and hold on a swatch to see warmer, cooler, darker and lighter versions of that swatch.
      11. Clicking a layer in the document to toggle between transform, rotate, warp and perspective.
      12. If you select a layer, perform a single action on that layer, and undo that action, PP doesn't select the previous layer you had selected.
      13. Checkpoints.
      14. Reasonable price.


      And here's a list that neither Photoshop or Corel PHOTO-PAINT has (as far as I know):


      1. Creating new menu bar commands (wherever you want them) and assigning scripts to them.
      2. Mouse wheel zoom does not maintain position when zooming way out and back in.
      3. Brush strokes are not natural like Corel Painter and have a "skip rock" side-effect to them (yes, even with spacing set to 1 and smoothing checked).
      4. Adding an alpha channel to the standard color picker.
      5. Fully supported PNG alpha (even Photoshop creates artifacting that I've only seen present itself in Maya, but Pixelformer fixes the problem and saves the PNG appropriately). (more info)


      Granted, there are a couple of features that Photoshop has, even from a Corel PHOTO-PAINT-biased standpoint, that I find extremely beneficial!


      1. The first opened or newly-created document opens maximized (small thing, but very handy).
      2. Vector shapes (though, still not truly vector).
      3. Layer effects (and the drop shadows are flawless).
      4. The healing brush! Just awesome!


      I'm sure there are a multitude of other features within Adobe Photoshop that I will grow to love, but these are the ones that stick out to me now, after having been forced to use Photoshop over the last couple years.


      And I don't steal software either, so that's part of the reason I've grown up using Corel's products.