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    Difficulties using Flex Builder plugin version

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      The strangest thing just happened. I want to look into Zend, so after reading a bit on the web I decided to uninstall Flex Builder 3 standalone version and install Eclipse 3.4 and then install the plugin version of Flex Builder 3.


      But after I installed when I click on the Run button I get an error message:


      'Launching cmd' has encountered a problem.


      Variable references non-existant resource :



      I assume this is because users need prior experience with using Eclipse, but I don't understand why the Adobe plugin version of Flex Builder cannot be such that it just works out of the box.


      I have to say I am blown away by this and will immediately uninstall the plug-in version and re-install the standalone.


      Any hints on what went wrong? I may try this again sometime but I want to get some work done tonight and I don't have time for this. Really amazed.