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    Interlace question


      Today I made a video, then I imported it into PE. I edited a bit and added some transitions. After rendering and watching the rendered video, I noticed that the transitions were interlaced. Why is that?

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          What format are your source files and what format you exporting to? Also what transition did you use? Any AVI or MPEG export will be interlaced and you will see the interlacing when viewed unless you view on a TV or use a de-interlacing media player. The interlacing may be more apparent on the transitions because of the"movement" when the transition occurs.

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            Daffypuck Level 1

              The import source was straight from MiniDV. I exported as MP2. Basically I was making some short clips for a buddy overseas and trying to add a little flair to the clip. Whay would it interlace transition though? When I used Pinnacle before, it would do that. I would export and everything was normal. I've even had problems with the MiniDV coming out interlaced after i burned to DVD.


              How do I de-interlace the transitions so that thay loook smooth like the rest of the video? Also, it was a fast moving transition. Thanx

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              To make sure that I'm on the same page with you, tell me if this is your workflow:


              Capture from miniDV tape camera over FireWire in PE. The files will be DV-AVI Type II. Place these files onto the Timeline and trim (or trim in the Source Monitor), then add Transitions between the resulting Clips. Export to DVD (or other format) via PE. This is where you see the problems with all of the Transitions and even sometimes with the footage. Is that correct?


              I cannot imagine why you'd be having problems with the Transitions. Now, as a test, with just the Clips on the Timeline, you should have a green line at the top, as your files will not need Rendering. When you add a Transition, you should now have a red line over the Transitions. If this is true, hit Enter, to Render the Timeline. Note: you can use the WAB (Work Area Bar) to just Render the Transitions, or selected points in the Timeline. If you choose an area that has the green line, nothing should happen, upon pressing Enter.


              In PrPro CS4, there is a a Bug, with Transitions, and one needs to add an Opacity Keyframe (do not change it from 100%) to the Clips. You are only adding a 100% Keyframe, not altering ANY setting. This proceedure fixes that Bug. Have not heard of it in PE, but the programs do share a lot of common code. Might be worth a try. The Opacity is a Fixed Effect in all Video, and can be Keyframed from the Properties Panel for the Clip.


              For CS4, the upcoming 4.1 update is supposed to fix this Bug.


              Good luck,