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    What components do I need to get?


      Im getting totally confused with all these different packages.


      I want to create a flex app that connects to mysql.  I downloaded and installed the flex 3 plugin, tomcat, and the tomcat plugin.


      So now I can create a simple little app and show it from the server.


      But when I create a new flex project, it asks for server technology, which I guess is J2EE.  What is the remote object access service?  And lifecycle data services?


      Because if I select that I need to then select a flex war file, which I have no idea about.  Where is it?  Do I need to get it?


      And what about BlazeDS?  Do I need that?


      Or the lifecycle data service package?  Is that part of the flex plugin I installed (since I can select it with new flex project)?  And that install packages comes with its OWN tomcat.  I like to have tomcat run via eclipse...


      What do I need to be using here, and what do I not need to worry about?