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    H.264 Encoding & QuickTime

    Franco888 Level 1

      Hi All:

          In Premiere Pro CS4, in the Export Setting, if I choose H.264 format, and Preset as Custom, I can not play in iPod Touch.  I thought as long as the format is QuickTime (which I think H.264 is Quick Time,) I can play in iPod Touch.  Please advice.

         Another question, if I choose H.264 as Format, and Apple iPod Video Large as Preset, if I play on computer, I see the pictures shakes a lot (looks like the frames are overalapped.)  If play in iPod, it’s no problem at all.  Please advise if I did something wrong.  I haven’t tried Preset as Apple iPod Video Small though…

         Last question, sorry for asking a lot., if I simply choose Format as QuickTime, how come I can not play in iPod Touch?  I have to choose H.264 as Format then Apple iPod Video Large as Preset in order to work.



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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Unfortunately there are problems with Quicktime and PPro 4.0.1, which will be addressed in the 4.1 update due the end of May.

          For the moment, export to an intermediate format and use an external program (like Quicktime Pro) to do the encoding for iPod.


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            joshtownsend Level 2

            If you have quicktime pro you can actually re-encode a file from with-in quicktime. (Actually is amazing what you can do in a quicktime file with PRO)


            Maybe try out a demo of Quicktime Pro and see if you can re-encode from there.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              (which I think H.264 is Quick Time,)


              As a point of interest, Quicktime is not a video format, it's a file format.  A Quicktime file can have inside many different kinds of video.  Yes, H.264 is one format the Quicktime file can hold, but one is not the other.  Care should be taken to understand the difference.


              Think of Quicktime as the cup, and the video inside as the liquid.  The cup can hold milk, juice, soda, water, etc., just like the Quicktime file can hold Uncompressed video, DV video, or H.264 video.  It's all the same cup, but with different things inside.  But you have to remember that the cup and the liquid are two different things, because as there are different kinds of liquid (video formats), there are also different kinds of cups (file formats).  For example, AVI, MKV and MXF are all different kinds of cups (file formats), just like Quicktime, and any one of them can hold many different kinds of liquids (video formats).


              The point here is that you can put an H.264 video into an AVI file, or an MXF file, or a Quicktime file.  So just because you have an H.264 video, you should not assume its a Quicktime file.  Make sense?

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                Franco888 Level 1

                Hi Jim:


                   In Premiere Pro CS4, when I choose H.264 as the Format for export, I get QuickTime files...I haven't tried all the Presets, but will one of the Preset gives me files other than QuickTime?





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                  jsm1963 Level 1

                  I've tried about a dozen times, exporting through as h.264/ipod and quicktime/h.264 and trying different settings.  The best I could do on my Touch is audio and no video.  The best luck I've had so far is encoding a FLV file and using other software to convert that to mp4.  I would really appreciate a solution also.

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                    Franco888 Level 1

                    Use H.264 format, on endocding, use You Tube.  This way, you can view decent

                    Video on iPod whereAudio us still okay.

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                      jsm1963 Level 1

                      I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I haven't even been able to get h.264 files encoding with youtube presets to encode right.  They come out jumpy with flashes of green on itunes.

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                        I had similar issues encoding h.264 with my old computer.  A lot of research led me to my PC as the problem, not enough under the hood to encode properly.  Since upgrading my PC - no problems.  No green screen.


                        Hope this helps.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          It seems unlikely that an underpowered computer would cause any issues like this.  At worst, the exports would simply take a really long time.  Chances are that something else actually fixed the problem, something that coincided with the new hardware.  Like a reinstall of the software on the new system.