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    Upgrade query!


      Hi there,


      I am new to the forums & is my first post.


      One of my machines is a Sony Vaio desktop VGC-LS1, which has XP MCE as the installed OS.


      The Sony XP MCE DVDs come with bundled software like Adobe Reader Speed launch version 7.07.


      When I try to upgrade it to version 9 (by installing a downloaded package of version 9), it over writes over the version 7, but in MSCONFIG I get 2 startup entries for Adobe Reader 9.0 & the Adobe speed launch common startup remains there?


      Why doesn’t the Adobe speed launch common startup disappear too?


      What am I doing wrong..........I have Adobe reader 9.0 downloaded which I run & that overwrites 7, & than it installs Adobe Reader 9.0, Air & Adobe updater & further updates it to version 9.1.


      Hoping to hear from you smart people,