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    XML Includes and XMLPArse()

    little_seal Level 1
      I have an XML file that has the following at the top:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!DOCTYPE MyDtd[
      <!ENTITY getInclude SYSTEM "thisInclude.xml">

      Later on in the file I call the include:

      Both the parent and the include XML files are properly formated and when I open the parent or even just the include in a browser they render correctly. However, when I use Coldfusion's XML Parse():

      Request.myXML = XmlParse(expandPath('/config/config.xml'));
      <cfdump var="#Request.myXML#">

      the results are incorrect. What I get back is this "[unknown type]". However, if I remove the &getInclude; the page renders fine. So far I must conclude that XMLParse() cannot handle XML Includes. This isn't anything new. Includes inXML has been around for awhile. I can't be the first to encounter this am I? Is there something I'm missing or not aware of that's preventing this from working?