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    [Fixed] Premiere (AE & SB) won't start. CompilerVFW.prm problem.

    Miroku_87 Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      days ago I had a problem with Premiere, After Effects and SoundBooth crashing a few moments after been launched.

      I noticed that this happened when trying to load the file CompilerVFW.prm.

      I searched the internet for a solution and I found it, so I'm here to share it with you =)


      It seems that the problem is caused by some video codecs. Since on a machine there are many of them and since the codec which give problems change from computer to computer, here is a guide that helps on how finding it:

      http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ:Why_does_Premiere_Pro_freeze_at_“loading_C ompilerVFW.prm”%3F

      For me the codec which gave problems where VIDC.CFHD


      It can even be a problem with a program called ACE Mega CoDec Pack.

      To fix this one you have to do like this:

      In the Start menu, I went to the “Ace Mega Codecs Pack” group, started “Ace Mega Codecs Pack Dashboard”, went to the “Active Codecs/Filters” tab, to the “Core” branch (they are in alphabetical order), and unchecked “CoreFlac Audio Codec”, then clicked on the “Apply ALL Current Settings” button at the bottom. It takes a few moments until it finishes applying the settings (it says “please wait” on the button you just pressed), then you can close the “Ace Mega Codecs Pack Dashboard” and start Premiere


      Hope this will help someone from now on =)