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    Lost photos- can I recover thumbnails?


      My wife made the seemingly common Picassa error and deleted all our photos. Fortunately I managed to recover nearly all. Those that are missing though still appear as thumbnails with broken links in Adobe PhotoShop Starter Edition 3.0. I figure a thumbnail size pic is better than none. Can I save the thumbnails stored in the database as .jpg files? I don't want to lose them permanently if PSA crashes or if I upgrade or remove it.

      Any ideas?

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          A possible though not very elegant solution to your problem:-


          Start the program and expand to full screen.

          Do a show all to get your thumbnails for the missing photos on screen

          Select one of the thumbnails and double click - this will expand it to fill most of the display area

          A "Reconnect Missing Files" dialog box will popup - close it

          you now have the expanded thumbnail on display - the quality will not be great but it is better than nothing


          Press "Prt SC" key (part of the top right small cluster on keyboard) - this will copy the whole window to the clipboard.


          Now open Paint (the windows default image editor- under the accessories menu)


          paste the copy into the paint window

          cut out all the extra Adobe stuff around your image

          Save as - I suggest a lossless format such as .bmp or .tif since saving as a jpg will further degrade your image.


          If you are happy with just the original thumbnail size you do not need to expand them just copy the thumbnails screen and then cut them out individually


          Hope this helps