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    Problems in exporting


      I am new to After Effects, so hope some could help me as I can't find any solution on the Internet.


      When I try to export my video by using the 'make movie' function,

      I can export a .avi by choosing 'lossless' in the output module
      but when I try to do so but choosing other templates like 'Microsoft DV NTSC 32k'
      it doesn't wort and pop up the following message


      There is also another problem

      When I export the file to .avi by choosing 'File' > 'Export'

      There is no option when I want to choose a compressor in sound option


      I really need someone to help out


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Please read the online help on Rendering and Exporting. You need to addyour composition to the render queue and adjust the output module settings to gain access to more and different rendering options. Or for creating your own output module templates, use the Edit --> Templates --> Output Module... menu. The error tells you, that you are trying to use DV compression on a comp, that is not the proper size. DV always must be 720x480 for NTSC or 720x576 for PAL