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    How does Fireworks know where to place the document window


      I've a particularly irksome problem that I thought I'd share on the off-chance that someone has a clue...

      since chronosyncing my laptop back to my Mac Pro, [1] Adobe Fireworks CS4 is misbehaving.

      when I open a file it breaks the 'use application frame' option:
      it opens the document window too big and in the wrong place for my screen

      I've narrowed the problem down to one user account - it worked as expected in a fresh osx install, it works as expected in other accounts on the original osx install, but on my everyday account the application frame is broken and if I don't use it, then the document window (for opened documents) is placed under the menu bar and too big.

      Interestingly if I change the screen resolution away from the native to something smaller, then it all behaves normally even in this wayward account, so I'm assuming that despite manually uninstalling all adobe software and re-installing Fireworks CS4 to this user account, somewhere, somehow Fireworks is picking up the wrong screen resolution and getting lost.

      I suspect I have a preference setting that's become corrupted or overwritten by the laptop settings and Fireworks can't cope, but I have no idea where to start looking and I'm worried about breaking the rest of my settings if I go about deleting plists willy nilly

      I've uninstalled CS4 a couple of times, it's still not working.

      Suggestions most welcome.