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    Exposure Curves in ACR

    Metroloper Level 1

      Using ACR (CS3), I find that I can get decent expansion of dynamic range by using one raw file and creating 3 different files from it by varying the exposure setting: 1 under-, 1 over, and 1 normal exposure. Then of course those 3 files are composited in Photoshop using the usual techniques of either masking or the HDR plug in.


      But I would like to see an additional curves dialogue that affects exposure. Boosting shadows in ACR’s current tone curve dialogue does not, for example, bring out the hidden detail that really is present in the raw file. The affected areas will of course be brightned but flat, often monotone, while compositing 3 different files with differing exposure settings of that same raw file would bring out all the recorded detail.


      Does Adobe have plans to make an exposure curve dialoge box?