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    Cannot open Camera Raw in Bridge with 5D Mark II files

    Ludwig Busam

      Just bought a Canon 5D Mark II and Adobe Photoshop CS4 - no experience with Adobe so far. Neither Photoshop nor Bridge opened raw files initially.


      After copying Camera Raw 5.3 manually into the (Windows) Photoshop "File format" I can now open RAW files in Photoshop (the automatic Adobe update program reported errors at installation and did not work) but NOT in Bridge. Maybe the 5.3 plug-in needs to be placed elsewhere - anyhelp on that for windows application would be great.


      When opening my raw files in Bridge, the automatic DNG conversion did also not work.


      My issue is that I don't know how to see and work on raw images in Bridge with the Bridge command "File/open in camera raw"  also not working. I was reading about the same issue in another forums and also in this space but after hours of trial and error and testing all the published wisdom I got stuck now. I am very keen to learn from the experts. Thanks in advance for support.